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Digital Advertising Design

Nowadays, digital advertising is a vital component in maintaining the success of a business. Whether it is building brand awareness or offering a solution to a potential customer, creating a successful digital advertising campaign is essential in the competitive world of media.

Digital advertising has everything to do with grabbing the attention of your target audience just at the right moment. With a multitude of mediums available, it can be an overwhelming task for small companies when starting out.


If you are a small company and are managing the advertising yourself but want to personalize your ad campaigns to better represent your company, then customizing your advertisements is the way to go.

The design considerations for creating your advertising campaigns must be thoughtfully planned and researched so that your ad stands out from the other ads. The aim is to encourage the reader to click on the ‘call to action’ button, which will prompt them to continue down the marketing funnel and eventually lead to a conversion goal. This conversion goal may be anything that the company defines. Such as, purchasing a new product, signing up to your newsletter or attaining their email address so that you can now engage them through email marketing campaigns which then presents you with another conversion opportunity.

Getting to know the needs of your company and what the solution is that you offer to your audience, will help me in creating an advertising campaign tailored to your business needs. I can create custom ads for any event, business initiative or promotional offer.

If you are about to launch a new promotion or you want to let your customers know about new products or upcoming events, then please get in touch as I offer fast turn around and affordable prices.

Logo Reveal and Social Media video created for Go Hydraulics using Adobe After Effects

‘Coming Soon’ video created for Ace Pools using Adobe After Effects

Digital Advertisement video created for Jordan using Adobe After Effects

Social Media Advertisement video created using Adobe After Effects & Photoshop

Ways to Reach your Next Customers

Social Media ADS

Target your audience on social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram, and Snapchat. To take full advantage of social, your brand must engage authentically and build credibility. That’s what will lead to loyalty and ultimately turn viewers into customers and clients.

Video Ads

Motion graphics and videos are excellent ways to captivate your audiences attention. When done right, YouTube bumper ads build brand awareness and build interest in your company initiatives. Utilizing video in your advertising campaign is an effective way to personalize your brand and deliver a memorable experience for the viewer.

Pay Per Click Display Ads

These banner ads are the small, visual mini-adverts seen on some search engines and other websites, often in the header or running down the side of a webpage. Display ads are great for driving brand awareness, boosting traffic to your website and driving higher conversions.

Landing Pages

Whether it be a Lead Generation or a Click Through Landing page, this type of webpage is an essential part of your marketing efforts. Having a Landing Page that is consistent with your campaign, will keep your viewers focused and engaged, leading to an increase in conversions.



Mobile friendly web design services are available for small businesses. Whether you need a new website or a redesign, we can work together to match your requirements and budget to create something special. I take pride in building websites that are designed to inspire and deliver results, showcasing your brand and returning your investment.


Promote a memorable and consistent brand identity with custom graphic design solutions for your business. It’s my goal to create unique branding that will look great everywhere. Your designs will be print ready and provided to you in a variety of ready to use formats. Your digital product will be represented with exceptional quality results.


I have production experience with print publications that include book cover design and interior layouts, using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop CC. By participating in virtual team meetings with Editors and Authors and having stellar project management skills, I can help your vision come to life.

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